Class 4

  • Thank you for your hard work must be very strange delivering lessons in such a surreal time but I'm really pleased at what is available this time to XXXX, it's made it so much easier for her following a routine etc. Thank you again for everything you're doing  Best wishes, 

    3/2/21    Thank you very much. Just thought I’d let you know XXXX came of his zoom yesterday,  and said “ Miss Reeder is such a great teacher, she makes everything so much fun, she’s ace”. I’m so happy to hear him say that as he misses school so much  03.02.21

    31/01/21        Hi Miss Reeder, I just wanted to say how much the boys and I enjoyed Friday afternoon, we’d all had our ups and downs and experienced a bit of a tough week last week. Finishing school early and having some time to enjoy ourselves without me being their ‘teacher’ was definitely what we needed!!!
    P.S. XXXX is really looking forward to being back in the classroom with you 

  • Really impressed with the zooms and lessons today, it worked really well  

  • xxxx is enjoying her zoom lessons. You're doing a great job. Thank you   

  • ClassDojo is very good!  I am surprised how well XXXX is engaging with studies at home. 

  • Good evening Miss Reeder, I’d like to say how pleased I am with how the remote learning is progressing. I know it’s only been 2 days but both XXXX and XXXX have adapted to it really well. They are keen to have their Zoom lessons and then do the work relating to it. I appreciate how much work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to make it happen and I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts. The last lock down nearly broke me . I hope things continue as they are. As a parent I feel far more useful and less out of my depth which is a real positive for my children. Let’s all pull together and keep doing what we’re doing and and we’ll be back at school in no time which is the goal we’re all striving for. Many thanks for all your hard work, take care and stay safe,  xxx 

  • Big thank you for the offer of support