Class 3


Thank you for the support you've given XXXX. Despite remote teaching you've still managed to treat the children as individuals. Enjoy your break and hopefully it won't be too long before the children can see you in person again.


  • I'm very impressed with how smoothly the transition to home learning has gone - it's a credit to all of you working so hard at Worlaby.  Having the regular timetabled contact with the teachers (and classmates) every morning has made engagement with the lessons much easier. It's a balance in the afternoon - in some ways having the same structure would be helpful but in other ways it would add extra pressure by reducing the flexibility and prescribing the lessons without being able to take account of where each child is both emotionally and physically. On balance I think using ClassDojo has gone well - with every application there are issues, especially when adoption has had to be rushed, but we're learning to adapt to its foibles. Certainly the speed with which both Mrs Hanly and Miss Turney feedback on the handed in assignments has been excellent and has really contributed to xxxx motivation to stick with and complete the afternoon lessons. 
  • Thanks for all the hard work that you, Mrs Hanly and Mrs Furmage are putting in. 
  •  We are all on this adventure together :)