Class 2

I think the home learning during this current lockdown is excellent. So much time and effort has been obviously taken by the school as a whole to make this a success, which I believe it is! I would like to specifically mention Mrs Clark, hearing XXXX engaging in her Zoom lessons is brilliant! Despite the challenges of delivering lessons via zoom, Mrs Clark is so encouraging, patient & supportive. Definitely a credit to her profession!

 I think the zoom lessons are working really well, the children need to see their teacher and classmates. Mrs Clark and other staff are doing a fantastic job and I appreciate all they are doing for my boys.


  • Thank you Mrs clark for everything   

  • Thank you, well done to you too. Hope you manage a bit of relaxation over the weekend  

  • Thanks to your hard work, planning and ideas it is making it much easier and also making the days go very quick! Hope you have a relaxing weekend after all your hard work too


  • Thanks again for all you are doing it can’t be easy teaching remotely! xxxx loves reading the feedback you are giving for her work & looking at what everyone is doing on Twitter 

  • Hi Mrs Clark. Thank you for the great job you are doing so far! We all really appreciate it!!! 
     Thank you 

  • Thank you, your message has brought a smile to his face and he says he would like some more merits


  •  Many thanks! We are all enjoying the activities! 


  • I will pass your message on to xxxx. Raeally appreciate what you are doing in these tough times! Thanks so much

  • He loves the target game! Thank you! Have told him, he says when he works hard he gets merits happy boy 


  •  Hi. I think that xxxx would certainly benefit from something like this. Hope you are safe and well. Thank you for all you and all the teachers and staff our doing xx

  • Hi Mrs Clark, just wanted to say you have the patience of a Saint. I think I might have got my ‘pants’ in a twist trying to teach this morning’s lessons. Well done, you’re doing a fab job xxx 


  • xxxx has really enjoyed last week. You are all doing an amazing job in these difficult times. Mrs Clark's lessons have gone down really well in our house. It's not easy for the teachers either adjusting to online overnight. 

  • Thank you for all your efforts and continuing support. It is appreciated so much, we can see the effort and planning that’s going into the teaching while we adjust and get used to it all. Many thanks. 

  • .....I should add that the lessons have been great.

  • I think it’s good the way you have set it out, it’s good to have a bit of mixture. I think you are doing a great job under the circumstances. There’s only so much can be achieved within the small amount of time and limiting screen time


  • Thank you! Pleased the technology worked better as it’s lovely to hear them all joining in and being enthusiastic! 
    xxxx seems to be getting on well and enjoying the work and perhaps the one on one time with me. 

  • Have a lovely weekend and thank you for the engaging lessons this week.


  •  Have a nice weekend mrs clark, thank you. Love XXXX xoxox

  • Thank you Mrs clark for everything  


  • Thank you for your help this week have a great weekend 


  • Thankyou for your efforts in these challenging times XXXX has enjoyed her zoom lessons and the work she's been doing we have some learning british currency in the post so were going to be doing some fun learning playing shops thanx again for your support hope you have a well earned relaxed weekend 

  • Thank you so much for all of the resources and the effort you've made with getting things in place, we really appreciate it and xxxx seems to be really enjoying it despite the huge shift in his routine. I missed the message yesterday, sorry, thank you for the update its good to hear he's engaged with the online lessons. It must be very difficult, thank you again 


  • XXXX really enjoyed yesterday and seemed to be really engaged. You must of been zoomed out by the end of the day! 
    Thank you.



  • Mrs Clark. 
    I thought today went really well. xxxx  is already excited about tomorrow. 
    Thank you so much. x

  • Thank you very much and well done for today! 

  • Thanks for the messages. I will tell xxxx in the morning. Today has been good for me too, it feels easier and more structured this time having breaks in between the sessions, you describing the task/explaining and then us following up outside the session. It seemed to work well for xxxx  today. Pleased you could read the sentences! He picked what he wanted to say all by himself! Thanks again for your help too

  • xxxx didn’t seem as daunted by it all as I did! I thought everyone did really too and I feel far  more positive about this lockdown than the previous one. Many thanks for all the behind the  scenes organisation

  • Hello mrs clark, 
    I just wanted to thank you for preparing the folders for xxxx You are all putting in so much work at such little notice, as a parent I really appreciate it. 
    xxxx is looking forward to starting tomorrow, stay safe. 
    Thank you again xx 

  • Thanks to you and everyone involved with supplying the home school packs; a lot of time and   effort has gone in and it’s really appreciated all you are doing for the children, thank you