Class 1

 Keep up the good work you are doing great  xx  

Have a lovely week off Miss Mastin, thank you for everything xx 

Thanks again for everything, you guys have done an amazing job since Bojo decided all this! See you soon

Hello, we have just received your note for XXXX. We want to thank you for such a thoughtful gesture- he will be absolutely thrilled to read it in the morning. XXXX and I are so happy that XXXX has such a kind and caring teacher - you have made his first year at school lovely for him. Best Wishes

We have just received the rainbow badge, thank you so much. It’s so kind of you and it really cheered XXXX up. Thank you xx

Hi Miss Mastin 
I just wanted to thank you for delivering the work for the boys. They really enjoyed seeing your  face even if it was only for a minute. 

Thank you so much for preparing all the folders for XXXXX,  

 XXXXX is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xx

Thank you, I'm so pleased with him he is doing so well! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Excellent organization by Miss Mastin. She is very supportive. Enjoy the variety of tasks. Very pleased with my child's reading and writing development. The 1:1 reading sessions are great for boosting confidence

I am very happy with the remote learning offer in place and feel my child is being well supported by her teacher. The zoom lessons can sometimes still be a bit overrun by certain children but things are improving all the time.

Miss Mastin is doing a great job

Thank you very much for that - XXXX was so proud when the announcement was made.
XXXX and I would both like to thank you for your teaching and lovely manner towards the children during lessons- we have both enjoyed having a window into school life and hearing the lessons as they unfold. We would also like to say thank you for the concern and support you have offered to XXXX and us as he continues to adjust to not being physically at school. We hope you enjoy half term and that you get the chance for a break. 

    Thank you for the lessons today - xxxxxenjoyed seeing everyone and he had fun doing his PE activity too.

    Thank you, Miss Mastin. I think you are doing an amazing job. I am learning from you as well! I now know how to better support XXXXX with writing from listening in on the Zooms. 

    Thanks so much for everything you are all doing, it is hugely appreciated and he seems to be having a great time! 

    Hello Miss Mastin, Thank you for letting us know. XXXXX is looking forward to his lessons with you tomorrow. Thank you for everything you are doing. As always, it's very appreciated. 

    We are so proud of him for dealing with the changes so well. Thanks so much for everything you are all doing. It is hugely appreciated and he seems to be having a great time.