Year 6 - Engineering Education for Kids

Today, Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to work with the local oil refinery – Phillips 66. The team there were promoting Engineering Education and the children joined other schools to participate in a series of activities on their site.

The first activity described the distillation process and children had to dress in lab coats and wear safe-ty googles as they gently heated an ink mixture. As it reached the boiling stage, the water evaporated and trickled down an adjoining test-tube more puri-fied than the inky mixture. The blue ink has a boiling point greater than 100 degrees so it stayed in the cylinder. This is how they purify the crude oil and harvest its by-products.

The second activity was a presentation about how the site gets oil from the North Sea and where it joins the pipeline off the coast of Cleethorpes. They have also planted woodland to offset their impact on the environment.

The other activities were team tasks, creating a tower from straws and Blu-tack and creating a rocket car. Excellent teamwork all round and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.