Book Launch for EYFS

On Thursday   26th     September, Worlaby Academy held a book launch for the Foundation Stage children.

We started the afternoon with a reading information meeting from our reading Leader, Mrs Clarke. She spoke to the parents about how we teach early reading in school and what they can do at home to help their children. Comments from the parents regarding the meeting were:

“Very useful. As a parent who has an older sibling in school, it was a great refresher for me”

“It had the information I needed. We learnt step by step the order our child would learn phonics and reading. We were told how we could help at home.”

We then invited the children in to be presented with their book bags. Following this we held a “booknic”, where the children and their parents/grandparents shared their books at an indoor picnic. The children were delighted with their books and the parents and grandparents are aware of the emphasis we place on reading at Worlaby as a key life skill but also how to establish those habits of reading for enjoyment.

Some comments from the parents regarding the contents of the book bags:

“A great way to engage with parents and get the children reading”

“My child loves the books and we use the sound mat every day”