Class 4

4th March 2021

In Class 4 this week the children have been reading and completing work around the book - Boy, Everywhere. We have been learning about the refugee crisis in Syria and locating countries in the Middle East. We also learnt about selective mutism and how we could help a child starting our school who has this. Everyone in our class had lots of thoughtful and supportive ideas. Our task was to create a Welcome to Worlaby guide for a new starter. In Geography, we also used our locational knowledge to identify bordering countries and capital cities that are close to Syria. We discussed the journey that Sami (our main character) would take when travelling from Syria to the United Kingdom. In Writing, we have been writing our own narratives from the point of view of a child refugee. We have continued to develop our ability to show, not tell the audience a character's thoughts and feelings. 
I have been so impressed with the children's work this week! Well done Class 4!

Miss Reeder

27th February 2021

This week in PSHE the children in Class 4 have been learning about body image and self-esteem. We spent some time discussing what body image means and why some people choose to edit or adapt their photographs before showing others. The children talked about the pressures of feeling the need to look like those they see on social media. We ended our lesson by identifying positive traits in one another, showing that we do not need to compare ourselves to anyone! 
In Science, as well as investigating the adaptation of plants, the children have been learning about the impact of having a healthy, balanced diet. They created some amazing information texts about the different food groups, the benefits of exercise and what can happen to our bodies if we over/undereat. 
I am so impressed with your work Class 4. The creativity this week has been amazing!

Miss Reeder

23rd February 2021

Class 4 have been investigating the adaptation of different plants in Science this week. The children were asked to create their own interpretation of an information text using the research they had found. I am so impressed with how creative the children were!

3rd February 2021

Some of Class 4s work submitted this week

25th January 2021

Take a look at some of the wonderful work year 5 and 6 have completed during Remote Learning. We have ESafety work, Andy Warhol inspired art, writing based on the main character in "Wonder", together with additional science and geography work. If you take a look at the keep active page you will also see some of the ways years 5 and 6 have increased their heart rates.

Wow you have all been busy

Im really impressed!

Miss Reeder