Class 3

12th February

In Class 3 we have been creating character profiles for our favourite characters. Here are some of the final profiles!

4th February 2021

Photos of testing the strength of our bridges for DT and some posters about Unflushables for water pollution in Geography. 

3rd February 2021

This week we have had some amazing work on character description, spelling practise, work on sedentary rocks, images of characters described and some pictures of the amazing bridges that were constructed. 

I am so impressed with your work

Miss Turney

29th January 2021

We have an illustration from our reading strategy book, Krindlekrax, by Kaitlin who has used her knowledge from the text to create the illustration. Jayden, Kelly and Ruby-Lou have enjoyed writing a  contemporary fiction story. Yara, Molly S and Kaitlin have created book covers for the contemporary fiction story and Sammy did his own science experiment by making a compass.

Wow, lots of great work from Class 3 this week. I am very impressed

Miss Turney