Class 2

Class 2: Autumn 1 Superhero Day.

As we came to the end of the fictional section of our Superheroes topic, the children enjoyed a fun day as superheroes. Everyone wore a superhero outfit linked to fictional or real life superheroes.

We began the day sharing information to the rest of the class about who we were dressed as. We completed some statistics work in maths, finding out who was the most popular superhero, then representing the data. Year 1 created a pictogram, whilst year 2 completed a tally chart and bar graph.

After sharing our costumes with the rest of the school during assembly and playtime, the children then created their own superhero character on a spoon – I hope you can see the fabulous results in the picture.

After lunch, we used the space in the hall to create some spider webs, which trapped lots of numbers! The children showed their target throwing skills and mathematic skills, completing tasks with beanbags and the numbers.

We finished the day joined by lots of grown-ups to make superhero sandwiches. The children had completed a set of instructions and followed them to make the sandwich. They added a sprinkle of super dust, sent by Captain Fantastic, in order to see if they had any inner super powers to help Captain Fantastic. The next day some of the children reported they had been on a mission the previous night!

Thank you to all the family members who supported their child, it was a delight to watch them make their sandwiches and wait for their super powers to activate.

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