Academy Day

8.50 am - School opens

9.00 am - Lesson 1

9:30 am - Lesson 2 (Part A)

10.10 am - Assembly

10.25 am - Playtime

10.40 am - Lesson 2 (Part B)

11:00 - Lesson 3

12.00 pm - Lunchtime (EYFS)

12:05pm - Lunchtime (KS1)

12:10 pm - Lunchtime (KS2)

1:00 pm - Afternoon school commences

3.30 pm - End of School Day

The children should arrive at school for 8.50am when the teachers will collect them from the playground. There is no staff supervision before that time so please ensure children are not left unattended on the playground. In the case of inclement weather, children will be supervised in school from 8:45am. If children arrive after 9 am they should be accompanied to the school office by their parent/carer so a reason can be given for lateness. If children arrive after 9:00 am they will be registered as late and after 9:15am they will be registered as an unauthorised absence.

Early Morning Club is available (this must be pre-booked) from 8am at Bonby preschool.